Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lancôme & Polyvore

Pictures of all the entries I submitted for the contest.

I recently discovered the site Polyvore, stumbled acrossed it a couple of times before but never actually knew what it's purpose was, I was reading one of the several fashion blogs and websites I check everyday and find that a contest for Lancôme is being held there. I'm positive several or more have heard about this contest too. I happen to enter numerous amounts of entries to be judged, seeing as there is no limit but I do not understand the creative outlet they are searching for. I simply find that any items of clothing placed together in a new creative cohesive way will surely win, but then I check the other entries and everyone else is more about photography then wardrobe. This makes me wonder whether or not the contest is about the beauty of pictures with clothes with their perfume or simply the clothes themselves with thier perfume, however so, I find experiencing all of these new fashion ideas are inspiring and, well, maybe a few tragic. All this makes me wonder if I have such a supposed "Passion for Fashion" should I pur more effort to dress more fashion forward at school or just be the cumpulsive lazy person I am (I know that is an oxymoron but me, myself is an oxymoron) worried about college and finding any pair of ordinary shirts and jeans to survive the world of High School?

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